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Sarah Van Borek

With a Masters Degree in Film and Television production from the University of Cape Town (South Africa), a Bachelor of Media Arts Degree from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design (Canada), and a Certificate of Excellence in Film Foundation from Vancouver Film School, Sarah Van Borek’s film and video production experience spans across Africa and North America, where she has often engaged communities and empowered youth to produce innovative media for tackling complex global issues.

Sarah’s experience in film and video covers all aspects of production (Directing, Producing, Concept Development and Script-writing, Camera, Sound, Editing, and Art Direction) and a wide range of genres spanning from feature-length and short documentaries to drama, reality TV, training videos, live concert videos, music videos, promotional videos and online video journalism. Sarah has worked with a range of production houses including Kwamba Productions (USA), Rainbow Circle Films (South Africa), and Simon Fraser University’s Creative Studio (Canada), has worked on one-off projects with various organizations, and continues to spearhead her own independent works.


Canada Golden Maple Film Festival (2016), Emily Carr University of Art + Design (faculty show 2013 & 2016), MY HERO International Film Festival (2012 – Award Winning), Alone Together Film Festival (2012), In Medias Res Short Film Festival (2012), Vancouver’s The Orpheum Theatre (2012/3), Sustainability Television (2012), Waterlution’s Artful Waters (2012), Seattle’s Spirit of West Africa festival (2010), Vancouver’s The Edge (2010), The National Film Board of Canada’s CITIZENShift:  online media for social change (2009), Montreal’s international pan-African festival, Vues D’Afrique (2009), the University of Western Ontario (2009), Official selection of CBC Radio Canada International’s online festival, Migr@tions (2008), Montreal World Film Festival (2008), Calgary International Film Festival (2008), Silverware Film Festival (2008), the Ontario Council for International Cooperation’s International Development Week (2008), Toronto’s Bloor Street Cinemas (2007), Vancouver Pan-African Film & Arts Festival (2008/7), Channel M (TV in Vancouver, Canada, 2007), Africable (National TV in Mali, 2007), Plan International’s Youth, Media, Development Forum (Mali, 2006), the University of British Columbia’s African Heritage Film Festival (2003), (2007), Vancouver Island Film, Video & New Media Festival (2001; award-winning first film).


UpCYCLEd Stories (Canada, 2016): Director/Producer, Writer, Editor & Project Facilitator. Won Best Documentary award at Canada Golden Maple Film Festival. (no public online viewing currently).

A bike-inspired community musical movie aimed at fostering community connections through collaboration. Made possible through a year-long Artist in Community residence jointly sponsored by the Vancouver Parks Board and the Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association. For more info:

We Are BC (Canada, 2013): Visionary, Director, Production Manager & Editor. Screened at the Orpheum Theatre (2013) as part of SFU Public Square’s 2nd annual community summit, “Charting BC’s Economic Future.”

We Are BC is a video portrait of the economic life of the province of BC, with some content provided by BC residents themselves who were invited to submit 30 sec film clips, in which they would share their stories, hopes, dreams, and concerns for the future of BC’s economy.

SFU Public Square ONE VOICE (Canada, 2012): Director, Production Manager, Videographer & Editor. Featured in the MY HERO International Film Festival (2012 – Award Winning), Alone Together Film Festival (2012), Vancouver’s The Orpheum Theatre (2012), Sustainability Television (2012).

The SFU Public Square ONE VOICE Music Project is an exciting initiative that harnesses the power of music, media, performance and collaboration to bridge across differences and inspire meaningful connections between (and an appreciation for) our diverse community members. The project includes a music video featuring the internationally-acclaimed song “One Voice’ written by Juno award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter, Ruth Moody.

Dr. Divi Chandna: Expanding The Spectrum of Healing (Canada, 2013): educational video for Dr. Divi Chandna, Family Physician & Intuitive Healer: Producer, Director, Videographer & Editor

David Suzuki: We Are The Oceans (Canada, 2011): short video for the David Suzuki Foundation; Co-Director/Co-Cinematographer/Editor

Engaging Diaspora in Development (Canada, 2011): short video for Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) International Development and SFU’s Centre for Sustainable Community Development; Director/Camera/Editor

Canada’s World: Democracy In The Making (Canada, 2010): documentary for SFU’s Centre for Dialogue project ‘Canada’s World’; Director/Camera/Editor

Xenophobia Unplugged (South Africa, 2008): short documentary – independent; Director/Camera/Editor *french subtitled version

Official selection of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio Canada International for participation in the international online competition Migr@tions (2008), and as part of a Special Project presented at the Montreal World Film Festival (2008), Calgary International Film Festival (2008), New Brunswick’s Silverware Film Festival (2008) and Montreal’s international pan -african festival Vues D’Afrique (2009). Currently hosted on the National Film Board of Canada/Institut du Nouveau Monde’s website CITIZENShift.

Positive Voices Leading Together (Canada, 2006): feature-length documentary for the Ontario HIV Treatment Network, Toronto; Co-Director/Co-Cinematographer/Co-Editor *excerpt only shown here

Presented at the Ontario Council for International Cooperation’s International Development Week (2008), and Toronto’s Bloor Street Cinemas on World AIDS Day (2007).

Kela Griots (2007): short documentary commissioned by TripFilms in New York. Filmed and edited in Mali – Director/Camera/Editor.

Mande Bossa (Mali, 2006): live concert and documentary for Studio Bogolan, Bamako, Mali – Director/Camera One/Editor

Doorways to Dignity (USA, 2001-ongoing): feature-length documentary for Kwamba Productions; Assistant Director


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